A Website Designer Develops Mobile-Friendly Websites to Expand it Clients’ User Base

In the UK, smartphones are overtaking laptops as the device of choice for conducting internet activities. The same people are spending at least two hours online each day, which is two times longer than the time spent online while using their laptops or PCs. They prefer smartphones due to faster and easier online experiences on the go—an agility that bulkier laptops cannot match.

Businesses desiring a strong internet presence should hire a website designer who can make mobile-friendly websites for the new smartphone society in London.

UK as the Smartphone Society

Recent studies concur that the UK is becoming a smartphone society. Deloitte studied online behaviours and found that one in three adults checked their phones in the middle of the night, especially their instant messaging and social media accounts. Furthermore, more UK adults watched TV and films online than they did a year ago. According to Ofcom, 33% of internet users perceive their smartphones as more important for surfing the net than their laptops and PCs. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2mlwO6N


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