Four Important Elements of Effective SEO Services

SEO is not static: rather, it evolves alongside changing user needs and online behaviours. It’s also complex, but, at the same time, still relies on good content for greater effectiveness. SEO entails both managing keywords optimisation and the creation of great content. Effective SEO services in London consider four important elements in their strategies.


Backlinks are not harmful, but are an essential part of Google ranking factors. They must be based on useful and high-quality domains, however, and not on spun content or purchased backlinks. Contextual links are the most ideal. Guest blogging, generating long, relevant posts, and networking with relevant bloggers continue to be paramount to effective backlinks.

User Experience

Bounce rate directly affects rankings. It refers to the percentage of readers who hit the back button after landing on your website. Decreasing the bounce rate increases the quality of the website to search engines. Read more on this article:


Quality Content Proves Integral to a Successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Strategy

Content is king, even when it comes to a successful pay-per-click advertising strategy. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing uses search engine advertising to encourage clicks to your website instead of gaining them organically.

Even if your website garners high views due to PPC, it will not result in revenues without relevant content. In other words, PPC, plus content, equals successful PPC—where success is measured through high customer engagement and increasing revenues.

Offers Authentic Experiences

Effective content offers authentic experiences that can turn PPC into real revenues. Live streaming, for example, presents real experiences with which business owners can share their everyday activities in the workplace. Read more on this article:

Four Practices of Successful PPC Advertising for Small Businesses

For small businesses, successful pay-per-click (PPC) ads depend, not only on your budget, but also a few other elements. On the one hand, a big budget for PPC allows you to pay for more keywords. On the other hand, a smaller budget is not necessarily a disadvantage, if you execute these four practices to be more competitive.

Target Specific Keywords within Limits

Going for general and short keywords tends to be expensive, since most big companies would go for them too. Target high-volume and long-tail keywords instead and add limits. For example, if you want to target “real estate broker London” for all days of the year, this can be quite expensive. Targeting these keywords on Fridays between 10 am to 5 pm, however, can reduce PPC costs, while also possibly taking some conversions from big companies.

Another practice is targeting long-tail keywords. An example is aiming for “real estate for families in London” instead of “real estate London.” The former can help extend your budget, while potentially boosting conversion rates. Read more on this article:

The Effects of Online Video Ad Growth and Changes on Digital Marketing Agencies

The market for digital video advertising on news websites and social media in the UK is projected to grow annually by almost 25% for the next two years. Some of the reasons for this growth are the continued increase in smartphone owners, faster 4G Internet services, and positive feedback to interesting videos on the Internet.

Furthermore, Facebook is planning to make some changes in its online video advertisement approach. Internet video’s growth and changes have significant effects on digital marketing agencies in London.

Growth of Online Video Ads in the UK Media Market

Online video ad revenues are expected to surge in the UK. PwC published its Entertainment and Media Outlook report which stated that video ads on social media and news websites will increase from £316m in 2014 to £717m in 2018. Online video is the fastest growing segment of all advertising forms. Presently, Google, Twitter, and Facebook are the main competitors when it comes to tapping the online video boom, including live videos. Read more on this article:

Live and Digital Video Trends for Digital Marketing Companies

Live videos in social media sites became very popular in 2016. Facebook’s live video feature has motivated more brands to use real-time videos to interact with their target audiences. Furthermore, digital videos in general and digital news video continue to be in demand, especially among young adults.

More people are likewise viewing digital advertisements. Several live and digital video trends are significant for digital marketing companies that see them as new, engaging platforms for reaching specific markets.

Online Video Advertisement Views and Revenues

Live and digital video views and advertisements have continued to rise for the past three years. Live video soared in 2013 with more than 35 billion views in December, according to the Business Insider (BI) Intelligence research unit. Online video ad revenue almost reached $5 billion in 2016, which is nearly twice the $2.8 billion revenue in 2013. Read more on this article:

Web Design Service: 4 Important Elements to Highlight Your Business


No matter the size of your business, it’s important to have a website in today’s internet age. Millions of potential customers now search the internet for the products and services they need before actually going to the store. Also, many prefer to make a purchase online due to its convenience. Think of having a website as owning a 24/7 shop that can provide the needs of your target customers wherever they are.

While running a business website is essential to the growth of your business, it is no easy feat. It involves several factors to make it successful. Understanding its important elements will guide you in creating a site that truly reflects your brand and drives customers to your door. Read more from this blog:

Common Mistakes Businesses Make That SEO Consultants Can Help Remedy


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful online marketing tool that can drive lots of traffic to your business website. With the right strategy, popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo can send you massive amounts of visitors, which are all potential customers. It gives you a higher chance of conversion, helping increase sales and boost the credibility of your business.

However, it doesn’t simply involve using a set of keyword and phrases. It’s more intricate than that. Because of this, many businesses aren’t able to avoid the pitfalls that hinder them from using SEO to its full potential. There are common mistakes that every business that’s just starting out with their digital marketing strategy make. Read more from this blog: